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If you are purchasing, selling, developing or leasing property in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you can turn to our Twin Cities real estate attorney with confidence. Based in the heart of Burnsville, MN, we are in tune with the market, emerging trends, evolving financing options and the strategies that best serve our clients’ interests. Guiding clients on nearly all facets of real estate transactional work, including buyers, developers, sellers, landlords, tenants, lenders and title companies. Reliant Legal P.C. has a reputation of being a “deal closer,” serving his clients by efficiently working through the myriad of legal and diligence details to drive transactions to a close.

Real Estate Law Representation

Real Estate Contracts

Minnesota law requires that contracts for the sale or transfer of real estate be in writing, contain the material terms of the transaction and be signed by the party to whom the real estate contract is enforced against. Experienced real estate counsel is invaluable in providing guidance, advice, and protection of your interests in a real estate transaction, whether as a buyer or a seller.

Real Estate Leasing

Negotiating an effective real estate lease requires an understanding of an individual’s current and future needs and objectives, at the onset of lease discussions. With experience in representing both landlords and tenants, Reliant Legal, P.C. can protect one’s interests by reviewing, drafting and negotiating commercial, office, warehouse and ground leases to efficiently meet its client’s needs and business objectives.

Real Estate Purchase Agreements

Control of a potential property and ability to evaluate and examine if a site meets the purchaser’s needs and objectives should be essential considerations before buyers invest time, money and resources into a real estate purchase. Effective counsel can help one structure, negotiate and draft a Purchase Agreement with appropriate contingencies to protect a purchaser’s interests to proceed or, alternatively, a right to cancel the transaction if the property does not meet one’s needs and objectives.

Real Estate Deeds, Easements, Conveyances

Full or partial conveyances of real estate interests, such as deeds, easements, licenses and other property rights, require expertise to correctly and accurately prepare these legal documents. Failure to address and comply with the specific real estate and recording requirements can cause ineffective transfers, disputes and future title defects that impact your rights and the marketability of the property. Obtaining sound and competent legal advice is essential when one is transacting and conveying real property interests.

Real Estate Title Examination and Correction

The transfer of clear title to real estate requires careful examination of the history and chain of ownership of the property from its original government patent forward to the present owner. Understanding exactly what rights are being acquired and the conditions, restrictions and encumbrances that are attached to the property requires the advice of an experienced attorney to advise you. With years of experience in addressing title issues, including serving as Title Examiner, Reliant Legal, P.C. can help resolve and protect one’s interests in the transfer of clear and marketable title.

Real Estate Development

Reliant Legal, P.C. real estate attorneys have represented developers, contractors, builders and owners in real estate development and securing the necessary approvals required to move a project from plan to completion. We have succeeded in pushing past city and zoning obstacles and road blocks in getting projects approved and completed.

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